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SIGN UP FOR FREE! Content created by: Dendi is widely recognized as one of the best solo mid players in the world. He started his professional career back in 2005 with the sole goal to become the best in the Dota scene. Prior to joining Na`Vi in late 2010, Dendi played for teams like DTS, WG and Ks.Int, securing solid performances at the most prestigious tournaments in Dota 1 – MYM Prime Defending, ESWC and WDC. Things got even better after joining Natus Vincere with a first place finish at The International 2011, second place at TI 2012 and 2013 and more than 25 wins at multiple other tournaments. Almost ten years after he started playing, Daniil’s amazing solo mid performance continues to fascinate Dota 2 fans around the globe. Daniil «Dendi» Ishutin Puppey is undoubtedly one of the best captains and support players in the world. His vast understanding of Dota doesn’t end there, though. As he once said, “To be really good at Dota you must play all roles”. In the early days of Dota 1, Clement proved to be a valuable player by securing solid finishes at major tournaments like ASUS Summer Open 2008 and DotA-League Masters. However, in 2011 he joined Na`Vi and his career took off. Puppey’s creative drafts and impeccable support/jungler play led his team on a two-year streak of absolute domniance, securing wins in over 27 major tournaments and over 2.8 million USD in prize money. Clement «Puppey» Ivanov

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The TI 5 Meta Vol. 4 | Group Stage Recap, Looking Forward to the Play-offs

posted on: 03/08/2015read the full story  »

In the groups of TI5 two main play styles emerged as the most dominant and the teams that were able to perfect them have the best results so far.

The TI 5 Meta Vol. 3 | Group Stage Day 2 & 3

posted on: 03/08/2015read the full story  »

The fight for upper bracket seeding continues and the meta starts to take shape. The bad part is that the most highly valued heroes appear in every game: all 10 most popular heroes have a pick & ban rate above 70%. The interesting part is that there doesn’t seem to be a correlation between the popularity of a pick and its win rate.

The TI 5 Meta Vol. 2 | Group Stage Day 1

posted on: 29/07/2015read the full story  »

More than half of the games during the first day of the group stage were a 1-1 draw – this speaks loads about the level of Dota in this tournament. All teams are good enough to take games off each other.

The TI 5 Meta Vol. 1 | Wildcard Series

posted on: 27/07/2015read the full story  »

Welcome to the first part of what is to be a series of short analytical articles where we try to decipher the TI meta while it develops.

+25 -> A How To Guide

posted on: 27/07/2015read the full story  »

This article is all about the best heroes for winning pubs. However, first you need to understand that if you are not good enough it wouldn’t matter what hero you chose, you will always hover around your current MMR.

6.84 Hero and Item impressions by Dendi

posted on: 16/06/2015read the full story  »

In part two of Dendi's 6.84 thoughts we talked about the most potent heroes in the current patch and the new items.

6.84 Impressions By Dendi On The Meta

posted on: 12/06/2015read the full story  »

We had a chance to sit down and talk with Dendi about the new patch and how it changes the game and affects the meta. We discussed general meta changes, 6.83, 6.84 and 6.84c comparison.

Earn Real Money With Dota 2 NaVigation | Affiliate Program Live

posted on: 02/04/2015read the full story  »

The Dota 2 NaVigation affiliate program is officially live! Join now and earn 70% commission on each customer you bring our way!

Full Edition Spring Discount 25% OFF

posted on: 24/03/2015read the full story  »

The Dota 2 NaVigation Spring sale is now on - save up to 25% on the D2N Full edition!

Luna, OD and Rubick Available to All FREE Users

posted on: 06/03/2015read the full story  »

What is better than free Dota 2 guides? New Dota 2 free guides! We have opened Luna, OD and Rubick hero guide to all Free users.