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SIGN UP FOR FREE! Content created by: Dendi is widely recognized as one of the best solo mid players in the world. He started his professional career back in 2005 with the sole goal to become the best in the Dota scene. Prior to joining Na`Vi in late 2010, Dendi played for teams like DTS, WG and Ks.Int, securing solid performances at the most prestigious tournaments in Dota 1 – MYM Prime Defending, ESWC and WDC. Things got even better after joining Natus Vincere with a first place finish at The International 2011, second place at TI 2012 and 2013 and more than 25 wins at multiple other tournaments. Almost ten years after he started playing, Daniil’s amazing solo mid performance continues to fascinate Dota 2 fans around the globe. Daniil «Dendi» Ishutin Puppey is undoubtedly one of the best captains and support players in the world. His vast understanding of Dota doesn’t end there, though. As he once said, “To be really good at Dota you must play all roles”. In the early days of Dota 1, Clement proved to be a valuable player by securing solid finishes at major tournaments like ASUS Summer Open 2008 and DotA-League Masters. However, in 2011 he joined Na`Vi and his career took off. Puppey’s creative drafts and impeccable support/jungler play led his team on a two-year streak of absolute domniance, securing wins in over 27 major tournaments and over 2.8 million USD in prize money. Clement «Puppey» Ivanov

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"All hell's broken loose, and I hold the pieces." Lion and Gyrocopter Guides Live!

posted on: 08/11/2014read the full story  »

Our Dota 2 Hero guides collection grew a bit more. Check out the full Lion and Gyrocopter guides now! Wanna go for a dual lane with a friend? Good, we have just the heroes for ya.

Solo Mid Only Update: Puck and OD Available In Heroes Section

posted on: 25/10/2014read the full story  »

We have added two new hero guides to our collection. Today we have a solo mid only update featuring Puck and OD - two of the most popular solo mid heroes. As usual we have tons of information and hours of gameplay to help you digest every single detail.

Na`Vi VS DK @ MLG And Na`Vi VS Newbee @ TI 2014 Live

posted on: 15/10/2014read the full story  »

We have two very cool game analyses for you today. The first one features the famous Divine Rapier game from MLG Columbus against DK, while the second is against the current TI champions Newbee @ TI 4

The International 2014 Analyses

posted on: 16/09/2014read the full story  »

The International has always been the crème de la crème of not only the Dota 2 competitive scene, but the entire e-sports scene too. We are excited to announce that Dota 2 NaVigation will feature analyses of some Na`Vi games at TI 4. But which are they?

The Dota 2 Secrets The Pros Don’t Want You To Know

posted on: 16/09/2014read the full story  »

Have you ever wondered why the Pros are so good at Dota 2? What is their secret? Are there any special tricks they use? We answer these questions once and for all.

She "Rides Tonight", He "Brings An End To Magic"

posted on: 23/08/2014read the full story  »

Are you ready to land some insane arrows? Or maybe a five-man Mana Void? Well, good news! Mirana and Anti-Mage hero guides are now available at Dota 2 NaVigation.

Luna, Shadow Fiend, Rubick And Storm Spirit Are Now Available In The Heroes Section

posted on: 11/08/2014read the full story  »

Four new Dota 2 hero guides were added to Dota 2 NaVigation. What is your preference - Solo Mid, Support or Carry? Either way you will find all the info you need. Image by biggreenpepper@deviantart.

All New Purchases Are Paused For 24 Hours | RESOLVED

posted on: 24/07/2014read the full story  »

Dota 2 NaVigation is being migrated to a better cloud server. This is why we are pausing all new purchases for the next 24 hours. D2N members will be able to access all guides normally. UPDATE - The process is now completed.

Common Questions Answered: Updates, D2N vs. the rest, Price, Translation

posted on: 16/07/2014read the full story  »

We have been following closely the feedback you guys have given us and we would like to answer your most common concerns. This article will throw some light on four major topics: updates for the guide, how is this dota 2 guide different than the alternatives, why we chose this price and upcoming language versions.

What Is Better Than One Free Guide? Three More Free Guides!

posted on: 14/07/2014read the full story  »

Did you like the Enchantress guide? Maybe you weren’t sure how the guides in the other D2N sections feel like. Well, no more! Now you have access to a guide from all four D2N sections!